January Bible Study

What if leading others to Jesus was actually…easy?

Our January Bible Study – taking place over the course of three Sunday evenings (January 10, 17, and 24) – is a study teaching and encouraging small groups to become more intentional in sharing their faith by using No Sweat Evangelism. The focus is to lead each person to pray for one lost person in their circle of influence and to commit to sharing the gospel with them by using No Sweat Evangelism principles.  Start the new year off putting God first, and others ahead of yourself.  Please prayerfully join us as we seek to learn to better be used by God to grow His kingdom!


Wednesday Youth Fellowship and Bible Study

All youth (middle and high school students) are invited to join us each Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM for fun and entertaining activities, plus – more importantly – prayer and Bible study.   Through learning and discussions we seek to help youth develop a biblical worldview, with an additional aim to challenge those in attendance to be used of God in any and every area of life, following the Lord’s calling to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all whom they encounter.

If you or someone you know has never joined us, don’t hesitate to jump right in; you’ll be accepted and welcomed!  Please come and become a part of our youth group!


VBS | June 27-July 2, 2021

Grab your sunscreen and get ready for a taste of paradise as you track down the one true God at Mystery Island!  Vacation Bible School is coming this summer to AFBC!  It is from 6:30-9:00 PM and begins Sunday, June 27, going through Friday, July 2.  Plan on making a difference in a child’s eternal future!  Begin your adventure NOW!!

“In this current generation – whatever a child believes by the time he is 13 is probably what he will die believing.” -George Barna Research

Salt and Light Project

This project is meant to generate interest in the bulletin board in the SS hallway (Salt & Light) and encourage others to be involved in political affairs as Christians. The names, addresses, emails, and telephone numbers of representatives will be posted.  Also, future pieces of pertinent legislation will be presented there.  We encourage all to continue to check the S&L bulletin board for updates.  Note:  all correspondence to our representatives should be kind and Christ-like in their content, as any correspondence reflects on Christ and our church.


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